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Dog Walking

An hours walk with up to 6 dogs, giving your dog the chance to socialise, exercise and have fun! Pick up and drop off is included in the price and dogs are always walked for the full hour. so normally spend around 2 hours out of the house.

Doggy Day Care

Dogs are collected between 9-10am and dropped home around 2-3pm, your dog will have at least one walk, normally 2 and spend the rest of the day relaxing at our house in a home from home environment where they can run around in the garden or relax with our dogs in the living room.

Pop in Visits

Ideal for cats, reptiles and small furries. Pop in visits avoid the stress of transport. We visit your animals in the comfort of their own home where they can have our undivided attention as well as giving you the added security of someone checking on the house daily.


Boarding is currently available for regular walking dogs only. Where they will be treated as our own enjoying lots of walks, cuddles and not a cage or kennel in sight!

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